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A state-of-the-art pelvic
muscle stimulator that helps

rekindle the joys of intimacy.

A trusted solution to eradicate incontinence and rekindle your sexual intimacy

Childbirth and age commonly affect pelvic muscle tone, resulting in a loss of tightness in the vagina. Though prevalent, many women assume this change in anatomy is permanent and try to adapt to decreased pleasure during sexual intercourse. For a wide number of women, the reality of diminished gratification lessens the desire for sexual intimacy and can in turn affect the quality of their relationship. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be this way.

By toning these particular muscles in a very specific way, there is tightening of the vaginal area and women and their partners can experience increased sexual satisfaction, with more pleasurable sensations. Dr. Norm’s Fem-Tone is specifically designed and clinically-proven to do the necessary pelvic exercises for you, thus strengthening and re-toning the weakened area.

It’s simple, efficient and life-altering!


Choose a comfortable area, where you can sit or lie down. Use this time to read, watch your favorite show, listen to music or simply disconnect from the outside world. Indulge in whatever helps you relax.


Delicately insert the small comfort-plus adapter into your vagina.


Set Dr. Norm’s Fem-Tone to the recommended setting. Increase the intensity, until you feel the pelvic muscles contracting naturally. Make sure it’s comfortable, with zero effort on your part. A session normally lasts 30 minutes, so enjoy this quiet time, knowing you’re rebuilding muscle strength, to alleviate the current situation.