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Solving stress incontinence

could change your life.

Stress incontinence : you are not alone

The most common form of female urinary incontinence is called ‘Stress incontinence’. Essentially, it consists of bladder leakage when you laugh, cough, sneeze, run or exercise, which means you’re always a little nervous that normal life actions and reactions will set it off.

Perhaps you started experiencing urinary incontinence after having given birth. Though very common, it’s something most people like to keep to themselves, thinking it may just be their new normal. If you have stress incontinence, you are not alone! Childbirth, menopause or high impact exercises like running, can weaken the pelvic floor muscles, but it’s possible to tone them and stop the leakage!

Dr. Norm’s Fem-Tone is clinically-proven to strengthen the muscles, by doing the exercise for you. In this case, program P2 is best suited to your needs. It effortlessly contracts the right muscles, each and every time. It’s simple and effective!


Basically, you’re dealing with a loss of tone in the pelvic muscles. By toning the muscles, we can stop the leakage. Dr. Norm’s Fem-Tone is a unique, clinically-proven device that exercises these muscles for you, effortlessly. By using the B program level, you retrain muscle tone, and get the right type of muscle contraction each and every time. It’s that easy, and all it takes are 3 easy steps:

Follow these 3 easy steps:


Find a comfortable area, where you can sit or lie down. This is a great time to read, listen to your soothing music, watch your favorite show or just sit with your thoughts. Whatever best helps you relax.


Delicately insert the small comfort-plus adapter into your vagina.


Finally, set Dr. Norm’s Fem-Tone to the recommended setting that’s applicable to the type of incontinence you’re dealing with: stress, urge, or mixed incontinence. Increase the intensity, until you feel the pelvic muscles contracting naturally. It should always be comfortable, and require zero effort on your part. Most sessions will last 30 minutes, so savor this quiet time, knowing you’re rebuilding strength that will alleviate the current inconvenience you’re experiencing.