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Urge incontinence : there are solutions

An overactive bladder is the second most common cause of female urinary incontinence, but you don’t have to accept it. If you suffer from urge incontinence, chances are you’re not quite making it to the bathroom on time, or sacrificing restful sleep, because you have to get up multiple times during the night. We have a guaranteed, life-changing solution for this common female urinary incontinence problem. Truly. We’ve been doing this for over 20 years.

Basically, you’re dealing with a loss of tone in the muscle that surrounds your bladder. By toning the muscle, we can stop the leakage. Dr. Norm’s Fem-Tone is a unique, clinically-proven device that exercises this muscle for you, effortlessly. By using program P3, you retrain muscle tone, and get the right type of muscle contraction each and every time. It’s that easy, and all it takes are 3 easy steps:


First, find a comfortable space where you can sit or lie down. Perhaps use this time to read a book, listen to music, watch your favorite show or even just meditate calmly. Whatever you most enjoy.


Then, delicately insert our small comfort-plus adapter into your vagina.


Finally, set Dr. Norm’s Fem-Tone to the recommended setting that applies to the type of intervention you require: stress, urge, or mixed incontinence. Increase the intensity, until you feel your pelvic muscles contracting naturally. It should be comfortable, and with zero effort on your part. Most sessions will last up to 30 minutes so savour this downtime, knowing you’re building tone that will alleviate your current discomfort.